Content Marketing

What is it?

Content marketing is about creating and sharing different types of online material that is intended on providing relevant and valuable content to your audience, that doesn’t focus on endorsing or selling your brand.



A quick breakdown of the reasons you need content marketing are as follows:

  • Improves SEO
  • Awareness of you and your brand
  • Organic growth
  • Creates solid brand identity
  • Building strong relationships with your audience
  • Easy access to sharing through social media


What types of material can you use?

The key with content marketing is finding what works for your audience, you’ll have much more success if your content is aimed at pleasing your audience who may love watching vlogs, oppose to you writing out blogs weekly because that’s how you as a company prefer to create content. It’s all about the customer and how you can help them. The different ways you can do this is through:

  • Webpages
  • Books/eBooks
  • Photographics
  • Videos/vlogs
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media


How and where should your content be shared?

Content marketing really puts the focus on quality over quantity, one incredible blog post a week is going to help capture the attention of your audience better than 5 average blog posts in a week that they skim past. The aim with content marketing is finding what your audience wants, and then providing the content for them.

If your audience finds video more appealing, start a YouTube channel and share the videos through social media sites such as Facebook and twitter, use Snapchat and Instagram stories so your audience is updated on what you’re up to and are engaging with you. Is your audience more relaxed and laid back? Or are they serious in what they do? These sorts of questions should help you specify your content aim, whether it is funny daily puns on twitter about the world/relevant topics to your business or a twitter account solely based on Q&A so you can help your audience with issues they’re having.

This is when a content marketing strategy really comes into play, you need to do the research about your clientele and put that into your plan of how you can provide content that they want.


What is the aim?

The aim is to provide content that people want to view for themselves and share with others either because it’s helpful, powerful, funny or relevant. The content you create needs to be unique and personalised so it will stand out from the crowd and become a resource people return to regularly.

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