Visitor Management System (VMS)

Experience one of the most reliable visitor management systems on the market. Our simple and intuitive design makes it easy to use, so you can get rid of your paper visitor book right away.

Transform the way you manage visitors and contractors with our smart and simple visitor management solution. We can upgrade your paper-based visitor management to a secure digital solution in a few minutes. It is super fast to implement and supported by world-class service.

Our system is built on the Windows platform and is only a handful of solutions on the market that supports remote access, where we are about to diagnose and resolve 95% of software issues within 4 hours. For any hardware issues, our support team is onsite in under 4 hours and a faulty device is replaced the following day.

Key benefits of a digital VMS

Improved Security

It keeps your organisation secure by tracking all visitors and contractors. You can capture their name, who they are visiting, purpose of visit, photo, contact number and where they are from for reporting and compliance purposes

Accurate Reporting

You always know who is onsite and when they signed out by logging in to the online portal from your phone or computer

Emergency Management

In the event of an emergency, you are able to track the visitors and contractors you have onsite. You can use the online portal to complete a roll call to ensure they are safe

Why choose the C4 VMS?


Unlike most companies out there, we do not charge setup fees to get you up and running

Guaranteed 99% uptime

We guarantee the system will function 99% of the time, making it one of the most reliable VMSs on the market

Works offline

Our VMS does not require the internet to operate. It works offline. When the internet is available, the data syncs to the server where it can be accessed via the online portal

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