IT & Audio Visual specialist

IT & Audio-Visual Specialist

Businesses today require a wide range of technology to operate, including hardware, software, cloud-based storage, website, AV systems, and more. Keeping it running smoothly can be a full-time job – one many businesses cannot afford to employ. And so, it becomes part of the job of the office manager or the managing director. But this method is not often sustainable.

That is why C4 Business Solutions provide IT and AV support for businesses in Melbourne and across Australia. Our expert teams work alongside your company to ensure you are getting the support you need – whether it is systems maintenance, upgrades, or troubleshooting. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

IT Support​

Our Melbourne based team of certified IT engineers and consultants manage all our support services. We offer flexible hours including after-hours support and have a same-day response guarantee. Our services are entirely scalable with a fixed monthly price.

To provide our clients with support for a dynamic range of IT challenges, we have the following support services:

  • Remote IT Support: Our IT specialists resolve minor issues by accessing your network devices remotely.
  • Onsite IT Support: Ideal for scheduled maintenance and emergency support, our fast response onsite support service can diagnose and resolve hardware related issues on the spot.
  • Network Support: All devices Firewalls, Access Points, Routers, Switches, traffic utilisation are monitored by our Network Operations Centre team for proper operations.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology has enabled us to be more efficient than ever before, but it’s important to ensure your network is properly structured to ensure your data assets are properly protected and your business needs are met. With a proven track record of deploying sophisticated cloud-based solutions to Melbourne businesses, C4 Business Solutions is ideally placed to develop a custom network that will give you the speed and flexibility you need to grow your business.

  • Consultancy
    One of the greatest advantages of cloud technology is that it is completely scalable, so a consultation is key to understanding what type of cloud environment is best suited to the needs of your enterprise. Once we understand your business goals and objectives, we will work to devise a strategy that ensures the cloud environment you end up with works with your business structure to optimize operations, minimize overheads, and increase network flexibility
  • Migration
    For companies thinking about making the switch from server to cloud, the concept of migration can seem daunting. C4 Business Solutions offers comprehensive migration services to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud, with minimal disruption to your business. In the first stage of cloud migration, we conceptualise and plan out your IT environment, taking into consideration operational factors such as the number of users, levels of access, and space requirements, as well as the strategic goals of your enterprise. The cloud storage space we provide for you is for the exclusive use of your enterprise and will be tailored to ensure it suits the current storage requirements of your business whether that be 10GB or 100GB.
  • Cloud Backup
    By far the most effective form of disaster recovery, our cloud backup protocol stores a ‘snapshot’ of both your data and system configuration on the cloud, so in the case of data loss your office can keep running with no downtime. Variations in data and configuration are updated to the cloud according to the needs of your enterprise and we are also able to store older versions of your system if required.

Custom Sofware & Application Development

Distinguish yourself from your competitors, build the authority of your brand, or harness the connective potential of your site with a custom-built web application. With an in-house team of professional designers, developers, and technical implementation professionals who have experience building a diverse range of web applications, the possibilities are endless at C4 Business Solutions

  • Custom design: A lot of web companies offer application development services, but they often rely on pre-built templates that do not necessarily fit your business model, or, if they’re a smaller provider, rely on frameworks that are too simplistic for the project at hand. This generally results in compromised security and performance. At C4 Business Solutions, we combine the personalised service standards of a boutique company with enterprise-grade web application development tools that allow us to create custom applications perfectly tailored to the needs of your company.
  • Legacy conversion: Embrace the efficiency, simplicity, and power of the web by converting your legacy system into a state-of-the-art web application. C4 Business Solutions have extensive experience ‘webifying’ legacy systems such as access databases by analyzing the existing system and then converting it into a web-based application.

Hardware and Software Procurements

Let us help you find the right hardware and software products for your business.

Gain access to a comprehensive range of products from some of the world’s biggest IT vendors with C4 Business Solutions. We are partnered with some of the IT industry’s biggest hardware and software providers which enables us to provide our clients with end-to-end procurement solutions.

Website development

Our staff are team players who work collectively to create your vision and want to see your business and online ventures succeed. We incorporate a strategic digital plan, thorough research, web design and development using creativity to ensure your website is unique and versatile to the nature of your business – allowing you to connect with your existing and new clients faster and more effectively.

Each step is taken with your vision in mind. C4 Business Solutions will get your business noticed, attract, and engage more customers, increasing the number of new leads and clientele to your business to help accelerate your business and workflow.

Our high level of commitment to excellence and detailed knowledge in all areas of online strategy, means that we can provide your business with a comprehensive and globally effective online resolution. We pride ourselves in doing and giving the best quality and excellence in dealing with and producing your final product – ensuring you can contact us whenever you need further assistance or queries in maintaining or handling your new website.

Building a personal connection is what C4 Business Solutions is all about. Whether it’s sitting down face to face in a meeting to ensure we can determine exactly what you want or simply connecting with your existing clientele.

If you want to generate more sales, increase business leads or even the number of enquires to your business, we are the digital marketing agency that you are looking for and we have a tailor-made solution waiting for you.

Audio Visual

At C4 Business Solutions we are providing our clients with the following services:

  • Installation Services
  • Control System Design & Programming
  • Consulting Services – including design, tender documentation & system schematics.
  • Auditing & Preventative Maintenance
  • Repairs & Service Work

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