In today’s world of technology and connectedness, we give
you the means to know more and therefore do better on your farm.  We design and build systems that are based on
artificial intelligence, sensor systems, and control systems to help you stay
on top of your farm more easily.  We build your knowledge and experience into the system because no two farms are identical and the person who knows the farm best is you.  Rather than imposing a solution, we use our
building blocks to design a solution that meets your needs to improve your farm
management and profitability.

What We Do

We find the optimal technology solutions to make your job
easier and more accurate. We provide remote sensors for soil moisture, soil
temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light levels, CO2 levels, and
barometric pressure.  We also design and
build artificial intelligence systems that answer important questions you have
about your farm on a day to day basis.
Questions like: How big are these apples?  Is there mildew on that plant?  Are these onions the right size for
shipping?  Do we need to water today, or
can we wait until the rains come later in the week?

Who We Are

We are a team of four people who are passionate about tech,
about data, about systems, and about solving problems.  We each come with our own experience and
bring our own background training to bear on the farm problems we encounter.

Sample Projects

Irrigation Control System

Using long life battery powered remote sensing equipment and
a dedicated gateway, this system tracks and predicts moisture levels in the
soil across 25 points at two depths (25 and 50 cm) for a winery.  The system has been trained on previous data
and predicts when and for how long to run the irrigation system to create the
right moisture content for the plants.

Onion Grading and Sizing System

Using camera based artificial intelligence and the knowledge
of farmers and sales brokers, this system grades onions prior to shipment
overseas.  The system sorts the onions
based on size and colour, and takes into account the time to destination and
expected onion shrinkage given the predicted weather to allocate onions to
different destinations so the onions are received in the right size and grade
upon arrival in port.

Plant and Fruit Infection Detection Systems

Using a fully automated, self driving ground or drone based
system and artificial intelligence, these systems scan plants and fruit for
signs of infection that are too small to be detected by a human eye.  Currently we are focusing on mildew
detection, but we are also about to begin development of detection of systems
to detect other infections and pests.

User Interfaces

Our farm management systems are based on interactive
graphical interfaces that are based on the map of your farm.  You can view specific details to see how an
area is doing, or take in a holistic view of the entire farm to look for any
issues detected that require your attention.

Our measurement systems provide outputs either for sorting
equipment, to control which bin a specific fruit or vegetable ends up in, or to
a hand-held device to display information on the size and condition of the fruit
you are viewing through the AI camera.

In either case, data can be downloaded for later analysis
and use in your decision-making to optimally manage your farm.

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